Auto not adding events... (RS)


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Got a problem with any rules I add, while they show a number of forthcoming events when checked with the "Matching Events" button it never adds them to the pending list to be sent to the recorder.

I have waited over 24 hours, reset the recorder a number of times, logged in and out of the portal and tried forcing update as shown on this site.

How can I sort this out?
It has probably performed some action against the matched events before. You can try clearing the history through the More->Reset Matched Events option (for standard rule)


or via the refresh rule icon (advanced rules):

If you still have problems, post the unique identifier for this box from the RS settings page and I can have a look for you.
Tried reset and it eventually (about 7 hours later) pushed the events to the recorder in although it never showed pending when I checked multiple times.
Thanks, hopefully that's the end of that problem. :)