Auto Retune


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I noticed fairly late that the HD channels were moving on the EPG. (Thanks Freeview, no mention on the Website and very few announcements on screen). So arrived home last night prepared to retune the two HDR-FOX-T2's I have. I found they were already retuned. Does the HDR-FOX-T2 auto tune now?
Yes, that'll be the second time in 6 weeks - didn't you notice the last one on September?? You'd have lost all yr scheduled recordings too.
I don't think the Update to the Software had updated as I manually did the September one. I'll check out the Stopper as I am on holiday soon and Freeview are getting worse at letting you know when a retune is due.
September was a retune event the same as this. Software updates are handled automatically too (unless you've done something to stop them), the last was to 1.02.28 sometime around June - but anything after 1.02.20 will go ahead and retune if you don't stop it.
My HDR-fox never did an auto retune on 17th oct. The channels were all scrambled and I had to initiate an auto retune to sort it. I am using standard 1.00.28. Why is mine different? Is the retune initiate by the transmitter? If so then perhaps some transmitters don't do it. Mine is Mendip.
By scrambled, I meant pixelated / missing. E.g Cbeebies disappeared unitil I forced a retune on 17 oct (evening).