Auto update event suddenly appeared


On holiday at the moment so every couple of days I remotely login into the box to check what is happening. As I don't know when I will login I have a power on timer set for 10AM and an off timer set for 6PM.

So for the past 12 days it has been waking up at 10AM and going off at 6PM and then standby recording scheduled programs at night. I noticed this morning that an auto update event scheduled for tomorrow morning has appeared for 4:30AM. I know that if you leave the box in standby for several days (so it only powers up and records from standby) then eventually an auto update event appears but I have never had one appear when I have used a power on/off daily timer sequence before?

Any ideas? xinit.log lists the following:

>>> Contents of /var/log/xinit.log 144.00 bytes
Opening /var/lib/humaxtv/rsv.db
XDSO: Removed DSO scheduled events.
Opening /var/lib/humaxtv/rsv.db
XOTA: Removed auto-update scheduled events.
The Humax software sets the unit to wake from standby every night at 4:30am to look for OTAs (Over The Air software updates). The Custom Firmware package Disable-OTA is designed to prevent these auto update events, but a on-off between 10AM and 6PM would not
I have disable-OTA installed and have done ever since the package was released. I go away 3 times a year for a period between 2 and 3 weeks each time and always set an on/off timer for this period of time so I can remote manage the box and the auto update event has never appeared. Indeed if you check the log I posted it indicates that disable-ota and disable-dso have both run.
It has been reported that Diable-OTA occasionally 'lets through' an auto update events, I can't remember under what circumstances, But as an OTA is a very rare event, (non scheduled for the Humax at present), it won't have done any harm
I know when I have been at home and have left the box in standby for 4 or 5 days* and just let it do its daily recording from standby then auto update events start appearing. To stop this I wait until the box is in proper standby so pressing the power button causes a "proper" boot of the box and this is enough to give it a kick so that it starts removing the ota events.

* a VM TiVo box is my primary PVR but I dual record stuff on the HDR as well just in case there is a problem or I end up watching the TV that the HDR is connected to so it is not unusual for the HDR to go several days left in standby.
The 0430 OTA search event gets scheduled automatically, and disable-ota removes it from the schedule the same way any other CF event modifies the schedule - the operation gets queued and incorporated at next boot time. If there has been no boot between the OTA event being scheduled and the time you look, then it will be there to see. If there is no boot between the OTA being scheduled and the OTA event occurring, it will slip through (and in the event that an OTA is being broadcast with a later version number, acted on).

This is one reason for the daily 0420-0440 reminder - it provides the needed EPG refresh to keep series links working (this will not occur if the 'FOX is in standby for a long period, or only wakes up to make auto-padding recordings), and also overrides the OTA search event. Some people have poo-pooed this, but it is using the native Humax processes to defeat the Humax native failings, and (as noted above) is more reliable. Personally I use both.

Further information: Things Every... (click) section 4.
So I guess at the 10AM boot any ota update event would have been removed and its just a fluke that the humax stb process has stepped in and added another ota update event to the schedule. The box will switch off at 6PM and awake for its scheduled recordings tonight at 9:30 (ish) so I guess the pending ota update event will get removed then?

I take your point on board about setting a 4:20 to 4:40 reminder to use the humax to defeat the humax (nice idea)!