Auto-update manual tune channels

Hi All,

I've just started looking into the world of custom firmware for the Foxsat HDR and trying to find out if it will be able to achieve what I want it to achieve, but unfortunately have had no luck yet after hours of searching, I was hoping someone on here may be able to answer my question.

I have given my parents a box for use and they like to watch channels that are not a part of the Freesat EPG and therefore have to be manually tuned. The problem here is that the channel frequencies change quite regularly and therefore I have to manually retune the box and find each channel again whenever I go and visit them, usually I just look up the frequencies on KingOfSat. This is obviously pretty annoying. Therefore I was wondering if custom firmware could help resolve the issue of having to manually tune the channels each time the frequency changes?

Thanks in advance :)
It's possible to download a table of the current non freesat channels loaded and then do a repeat non freesat full channel scan with a package that was never generally released With both data sets on a PC you can then compare to find out any changes made between the last complete download and the new one. I have an Excel macro driven app that can do this. The only way I know to get at this data is to download it from a Foxsat after a full new FTA scan. The same package can check for freesat changes on a daily basis. I report these here.

Kingofsat also has a changes log somewhere.

Other than that the best way is to keep an eye on this thread.

Alternatively you could use the custom firmware channel editor to make them viewable in freesat mode and simply check them to find any that no longer work. This also makes it possible to record non freesat channels using a manually set timer (including Channel 4 HD). Unfortunately the main writer (Raydon) hasn't been seen for a long time.