Automagically moving recordings


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Ive got the HDR model with very old (early v2) custom firmware that I've just noticed needs upgrading.

Before I do it though, can anyone tell me if its possible to automatically send a recording to a remote server right after it has finished recording/decoding?
I want to automatically send recordings to my Plex server rather than use the HDR to view.

SD only content is fine...

many thanks
"StDef content only" is irrelevant (in this case), but HiDef would obviously take longer to move.

You would need to configure Sweeper to detect when the recording has decrypted, and then either transfer the recording to the Plex server, or to a "launch" folder if that's not possible, and rsync the recording from the launch folder to the Plex server.

It may be easier to achieve this from scripts running on the Plex server. By not decrypting on the Humax (use auto-unprotect on HiDef recordings), all recordings will be available via DLNA immediately, and just need to be scanned for and downloaded.

Another possibility is to use samba to make the Humax's file system a network mount, and use the Plex server to access the file system directly.