Automate De-Duplicate / Tidy folders

Not at present, Only via the Web-If. There is a Web-If Main screen display in the Custom Firmware version of the TV portal but at present it shows Main Menu Icons only (they are Not clickable). I would call it a 'Work in Progress'
Automating dedup is easy enough to do by creating a cron entry to periodically run it, or to just run it on every system boot via a startup script. I am planning to write an auto-dedup package if nobody beats me to it.

Here's what I have on my box:

humax# cat /mod/etc/init.d/S99dedup 

/mod/bin/dedup -yes "/mnt/hd2/My Video/The Big Bang Theory"
/mod/bin/dedup -yes "/mnt/hd2/My Video/The Big Bang Theory"

I run it twice to make sure that it has properly processed any duplicates. As long as you have all of your packages up to date it is safe to run even when recordings are in progress since it checks to see if they are in use before processing - that's why it's also safe to run periodically from cron.

If you need any help creating the startup script or editing the cron job table let us know and we can talk you through it.
An auto dedup package would be great but think It would be good to have the option to specify folders what works great for big bang theory can rename other programs to something silly like new series :)

So how would I go about putting this in the startup script?

Thanks for your help.
O.K. I'm sure the QI siren is about to go off, but I'll have a go
If you know how to use vi just create a file called /mod/etc/init.d/S99dedup and insert the three lines in af's example
If you are not familiar with vi, It's a bit more long winded
1) using telnet create an empty file e.g. touch /mod/etc/init.d/S99dedup
2) chmod 700 /mod/etc/init.d/S99dedup
3) in the Web-If goto Diagnostics >> File Editor >> Open >> mod >> etc >> init.d >> S99dedup
4) type in the three lines of af123's example (change folder to your requirement)
5) save file

in 'S99' the S is uppercase
I already have an S99 so it may be safer to call the file S98dedup
Webif problem
De-duplicate/tidy this folder option includes characters not acceptable to Windows (I cannot speak for Linux).
e.g. “Jamalot:_CSI_New_York.ts” imports to Windows as “JAMAL~U6.TS” the problem char being the colon “:”​
the problem file(s) cannot be deleted using win explorer window I had to use FileZilla to delete the problem files​
Thanks for some brilliant enhancements to the Hummy.​
Linux will allow a file called e.g. 'file:name' but it is best avoided as it gets interpteted as file file\:name. Windows has cut short the long file name and has inserted the ~U6 to avoid duplication. I guess it would be possible to delete this file from a DOS (Commamd) prompt with del JAMAL~U6.TS. But the solution would be for the for the De-duplicate / Tidy program to convert the illegal characters \ / : * ? < > | to an underscore character
i cant find a dedicated thread for the auto-dedup release so here goes.

I ran it a while ago at the top level of my kids folder. AF123 told me that this was wrong and i should only run at the folder level below. What it tended to do was name some of the recordings with the descriptions, not the names. No biggy i will try and re-name but just wanted to flag it

What it tended to do was name some of the recordings with the descriptions, not the names. No biggy

This is because dedup / auto-dedup trys to extract a unique name from the first part of the description, as it doesn't have anything else to work with. It can only use what is it finds in the description