Automate VideoReDo processsing with VideoReDo-AutoProcessor (VAP)


Came across this the other day whilst looking for something else and I thought it might be interesting to others.

A free utility program for users of VideoReDo (Plus or TV Suite 3 or 4). VAP detects video files
being transferred into a designated monitor folder,and, when transfer completes, it automatically
and silently runs VideoReDo processes on the files as configured by the operator in the program
GUI. QuickStream Fix (QSF) and/or Ad Detective scans ("Ad Scans") may be run. Optionally,
input files are moved automatically to specified folders after processing is completed, or deleted.
Output file types of MPEG2 (.mpg), DVD-VOB (.mpg), DVR-MS (.dvr-ms) TS (*.ts) and TiVo
(.tivo) are supported. If using TV Suite Version 4, output profiles including those producing
transcoded MPEG4 outputs are supported. ALL configuration is via the GUI - NO MANUALLY
You can also select a video file and click a button to launch the "normal" (interactive GUI) version
of VideoReDo (Plus or TV Suite) with the file loaded. This allows you to set Ad Detective
parameters or just to preview the video (or anything else VRD can do).
VAP will run a batch file of your creation after processing each video file.
You can configure to produce a project (.vprj) file with automatic (Ad Detective or ComSkip) cuts
as your output file. VAP remembers this and displays a status of "AWAITING CUTS" for this
video. Then if you later review this project in VideoReDo and save it with your modified cuts,
VAP will automatically call VRD to produce the final edited output video with YOUR cuts. For
videos that are awaiting cuts the "Run VideoReDo" button will load the project file, ready for you
to review and modify the cuts.
You have the option of using ComSkip for commercial detection instead of the VideoReDo Ad
Metadata is read from input files (when possible) and inserted into output files (when possible).
Read the VAP-ReadMe.pdf document more details

VAP Ver. 1.14 is available, with:
  • Automatic processing retry when a file stalls VRD.
  • Thumbnail images can be embedded in .mp4 and .m4v outputs.
  • Output file organization in subfolders based on metadata template for TV series shows.
  • GUI management of all optional configuration files.
  • meta-data-based output file renaming using user defined template.
  • Output Profile and process flow selection based on input file name match strings and/or video width & height (TVS4 only)
  • metadata support including theTVDB searches and input file name parsing.
  • special WTV file handling
  • automatic QSF filter dimensions
  • multiple simultaneously running configuration capability
  • Automatic Drax chapter file generation
  • Support for post-process HandBrake encoding and metadata insertion.
  • Optional "process-in-place" mode.
  • Support for customized comskip options and ini files.
Download setupVAP114.exe installer **here** and/or view VAP-ReadMe.pdf documentation **here**. See changelog in VAP-ReadMe.pdf and recent posts in the VAP sub-forum for latest changes.

Not had a chance to try it yet, but it looks promising. At the moment I'm manually copying films from the Humax to our WHS 2011 server (absolute bargain at £35), running them through comskip and then editing in Videoredo.

It would be great if I could automate the process along the lines of:

Move, not copy films (just films) overnight, preferably move films from commercial channels to a sub directory, possibly identified by sweeper, don't bother editing anything from the BBC.

Run them through comskip to create a project file for videoredo.

Not sure how to do it yet, maybe mount the WHS server using cifs

Anyway hope you find the link useful