Automount folder location - do I have a choice?


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Can anyone advise whether the location that my automounted folder appears in can be changed?

The location is usually under the USB section, I want to minimise the amount of navigation so that the automounted folder appears under the "Video" folder along with all my recordings, I'm trying to keep it spouse friendly.

Also at the moment it only appears if a USB stick is present, I thought I had read in previous postings that this requirement had been resolved so that you don't need a USB stick present to be able to see/access the automounted folders?
There is a setting in the auto-mount stuff to mount as a folder rather than a drive, in which case the mount will appear under My Video instead of as a virtual USB drive and not require a real USB drive to be plugged in (which is no problem, actually).

Be aware however this is not to be taken lightly, an external mount under My Video will be treated by the standard Humax software in the same way as internal content, and there could be a large amount of network activity each time the DLNA indexer wants to walk the file system. It will also cause your disk space remaining indication to go off the rails. You should also consider making the share "read only", otherwise it will be all too easy to delete stuff.

Considering the potential problems, you are probably better off sticking with the virtual USB mount and train the user.
Sorry for incorrect location of post.

OK- I will take onboard your comments regarding the emulation of a folder within the Humax's "Video" folder.

But if I stick with the USB drive emulation option, do I still need a USB stick in the Humax?

Trust me - I've tried to train the "better half", but I sometimes think women "think" that they won't understand something, so don't even bother to "try" to understand something, it can be frustrating!
Maybe this is a interface tweek beyoned custom firmware, but is it possible to have a user named folder in the main "Menu" i.e. along with "Videos", "Pictures", "Music" etc. so that you could have a "Menu" option for "Movies" say?... or is this a more complex customisation/hack of the main software, rather than an addition to it?