Automount seen in WebIF but not when accessed via HDR


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Just bought an HDR-FOX T2 and first thing to do out of the box was add all the excellent (missing) functionality that members of this forum have developed. I was a devoted WMC user, but recently I have got sick of it's quirks and unstable nature, also it doesn't seem to be able to play digital audio from a broadcast, Anyway enough about WMC!

I've tried to read as many posts as possible about this, to avoid asking something that may already have been covered many times; but I haven't found the exact problem I have, so apologies if this has been covered and answered many times, don't beat me up. just point me to the thread please!

I have latest custom firmware (.29) and also installed the Automount package so that I can see a folder on my WHS2011 that contains my burnt movies (all an exact DVD rip, i.e. ".VOB" I appreciate this may be another problem altogether in terms of compatible playback formats!)

The problem I have is that I can see my mount "My Movies" (and all sub-folders on the WHS2011) via WebIF at the "/media" level, along with "My Video", "My Music", "My Photo", but I can't see anything when accessing the HDR locally.

Now it would be great if "My Movies" appeared at the same level in the menu when selected by pressing "Menu" but I believe this is not what it is meant to do; I was under the impression it is supposed to appear as a folder under "My Video" with the name I assigned to the mount i.e. "My Movies"

The fact that WebIf can see the mount and all the sub-folder means that it is accessing the WHS2011 box, but does anyone have any suggestions as to, i.) why it's appearing at the "/media" level, and ii.) Why I can't see it locally on the HDR but can via WebIF (could be related to previous point).

And yes the .VOB thing may be another issue that has yet to bite me in the posterior, but I thought I read somewhere that it could play the .VOB format if local (or mounted) to the HDR

Thanks for any help.
I can answer some (but not all) I am guessing that to see /media/My Movies you would have to navigate on yout Remote Control to Media >> Storage >> USB and possibly have a 'real' USB device present to force the Humax to look for things above the Video - Music - Photo level. A VOB will definately play when found locally on the Humax HDD or USB HDD
No, I've tried that, as I read on the forum that the mount wouldn't be seen unless an external HD or USB drive was present; but I also thought that the latest version of Automount didn't need an extranal drive to be present for you to be able to see the mount?

It would be great if "My Movies" did appear in the Menu along with "My Video", "My Music" amd "My Photo" as it would then be like a separate menu item for movies, rather than sitting under the "My Video" folder which I mainly use for recordings. Anyway it would keep it simple for the spouse! It woud be great if "My Video" could be renamed "My Recordings", again keeps it clear for non-tech spouse!
Actually it wasn't there last night under the /Media/USB path, but it works now. Does it have to be there can the navigation to the "My Movies" mount be made more straight forward, like under the "My Video" folder? I know it sounds petty but I need it to be as straight forward as possible, the wife doesn't like a learning curve when it comes to tech! I know it's not much of a learning curve, but what can one do, you have to keep the other half happy?!

Problem is now that it comes up with "Audio format not supported" when I try to play one of the .VOB files, looks like I'm going to have to txmuxergui my whole collection anyway as it's my collection is made up of movie folders containing separate .VOB files per movie as found on a DVD, and I presume it would just play the slected .VOB file and not inteligently move onto the next .VOB in the folder to present a continuous film?
If you have to convert the files to get around audio problems and to 'join' the VOBs I would use something like Handbreak, It is free and will 'see' all the VOBs in the whole video file in one go. You are correct in saying that the Humax will not 'chain' the separate VOBs into one video
Will Handbreak convert into a format the allows for all the playback functions, i.e. pause, FFW, Rewind, resume etc.?
It will only produce MKV or AVI formats, while both of these will play on the Humax the amount of transport control will be limited, pause = almost definately, FFW / Rewind = yes but limited, resume / bookmark = no. To get the full set (including resume / bookmark) you would have to convert to*.TS and recreate the sidecar files using AV2HDR-T2
I can add a bit to the above, AV2HDR-T2 can work on VOB files so you don't need to convert to *.TS, however I couldn't get it to 'see' all VOBs in a movie so I used a program called VOBMerge252 to stitch them together then AVHDR-T2 to create the *.TS *.HMP and *.NTS files. The resulting file played on the Humax with a full set of transport controls, including slow-mo ! ! ! I wonder if Raydon could get AVHDR-T2 to work on the *.IFO file that has a sort of Table Of Contents for the set of VOB files
I tried your suggestion of Handbreak and converted an folder with multiple VOB files into a single M4V file using H264 and AC-3 pass through audio, it worked with all transport controls (except the resume feature) Did you try a merged VOB file to see what transport controls were available.

Handbreak did significantly reduce the files size also, the 3 VOBs in the folder totaled over 3GB whereas the single M4V file was 720MB, would have to compare the two to see if there is any perceivable reduction in quality.

Is your suggestion to Raydon to get it to see all VOBs within a folder and merge them into one TS file? Anyway it's not a great inconvenience, as I will just either, merge the VOBs before putting it through AV2HDR-T2, or just rip the DVD with Handbreak straight into a M4V file. I do like the fact that I can store some film info/synopsis with the AV2HDR-T2 method.

Did AV2HDR-T2 create a thumbnail picture of the resulting file? That would be my next task, to find a way of putting the cover art in place of the .THM file. I don't know what format the .THM file is, do you? is it a JPEG, BMP, PNG etc. or something else? if you could replace the .THM file with an alternative image it would be a good solution to displaying cover art. I'm sure Raydon must know what format the output .THM file is?

Do you know whether the mounted folder has to reside under the USB area of the Humax storage, can it sit in the "My Video" folder, it would just keep the number of navigation clicks down?
The merged file I created using VOBMerge252 and then AVHDR-T2 did everything a real Humax file would do, e.g. ALL transport controls worked including slo-mo, bookmarks, resume etc. The file reduction is due to a conversion from MP2 to MP4. Yes that was the suggestion to Raydon, but having thought about it, It's the actual joining it probably can't do, the *.IFO just tells the player to play one after another so there is no file joining as such. The AVHDR-T2 program did not make a *.THM file but the Humax did, when the file was first played, but the image it makes is not selectable, It's probably the very first frame, I don't know what picture format the *.THM is in or how to change the image in it. The imported files can reside under My Video or under the USB folder