AV2HDR problems

I have a HDR Fox-T2 and a Fox Sat HDR and have been using both versions of AV2HDR to successfully swap recordings between the two. Files that successfully translated last week from the T2 now produce TS files unacceptable to the Fox Sat. (Note these are recordings that did work and now don't, not new recordings.) Also, another utility HDTVtoMPEG2 now produces useless MPEG's of only a few KB from a GB plus TS file when it was working previously. I have tried this on several PCs all with the same results. All PCs are Windows XP and I believe the problems to have only started after a Microsoft automatic update for .Net components but that may just be coincidence.

Anyone any ideas on what I can do to reinstate these valuable tools?

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I don't believe in coincidences - it is possible the update has upset some core component. Can you do a system restore to the previous configuration? (I'm fortunate, I have a kind of history-tracking file system and can return to any point within the history - and come forward again - at will.)
A security update to MS Windows Media Encoder Series 9 is looking like the cause. Uninstalling it has made no difference so I will do a rebuild omitting it and see if that makes any difference.
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After a rebuild and lots of testing it would appear that AV2HDR-T2v1.0 is OK with files from the FoxSat but AV2HDRv1_6 for FoxSat and HDTVtoMPEG2 have a problem with TS files from the T2 but not with TS or MPG files from other sources. The problem with T2 TS files only appeared after a raft of MS security updates of which I believe only those associated with Media Encoder and/or Movie Maker are implicated.

Further putting T2 TS files through FFMPEG (statically linked) for conversion to various types throws up lots of errors with the TS files which I don't understand. Is it possible that without the MS updates the AV2HDRv1_6 and HDTVtoMPEG2 programs were more tolerant of errors in the TS files?