The Dumb One
What's the trick in uploading an avatar? I have tried several formats/sizes but all I get is a red cross
Have you tried the Gravatar option? I have used that recently when I couldn't get the other option to work.
Basically, No. I havn't a clue what gravatars are (I lie, because I just read about them, but didn't at the time I was trying to load an avatar). Surely uploading a picture should not be beyond the wit of man, except me, who cannot work out the right format. I have tried .mpg (and even jpg), .png and 60 x 60 px (too small, it said) and bmp (too big it said). Too hard says I:confused:, I think I will stick to a circle with and erect arrow on it:)
I have just deleted, and re-uploaded my avatar using the normal method which worked OK, it is a jpg file and is 260 x 260.
I seem to recall there is a file size limit, which meant I couldn't upload a png and had to convert it to jpg. I don't think it's fussy about the overall size (as long as its big enough) as it gets scaled - another forum insisted on a max number of pixels and I had to scale it myself.

That's as far as I can remember - could have all been another forum entirely!

Update: it was. See post #7.
OK, thanks. I'll try again tomorrow. I did try a 200x200 jpg but it didn't work. Probably finger trouble knowing me:)
I tell a lie (blame my aging memory)! My avatar is a 120x120x8 png file, 11.1k. It took a couple of attempts to make it acceptable.
I'll have a go at something like yours (120x120x8 png file). I wonder if my attempt had too many colours (rhetorical question, lcaus I'll try it)
Don't know what I'm doing wrong here then. How hard can it be?
I've tried a few different formats and sizes but when I stick a picture in the Avatar Editor, it says uploaded successfully (or similar) but the box on my posts clears to white, and the boxes in the Editor have no picture, just a red cross.
Ideas what I am doing wrong?
Try a .jpg 250 x 250 pixels at 10k file size

If it fails again, send me a copy of the file you are trying to upload.
Thanks for the reply Keith. I'll give it another go tomorrow, and do as you ask if it fails.
I can't actually remember what the problem was, but it wouldn't upload. I mght have used my lappy instead of my desktop. What difference that would have made, I don't know. But when I finally did it sometime after my original post, it 'just worked'