Backup and restore using webif

Hello everyone. Decided it was time I did a retune. Backed up schedule using webif. Retuned and of course lost schedule. Restored my backup and rebooted. No schedule in Humax but webif shows schedule. Repeated several times with different backups to no avail. Any suggestions apart from reentering my schedule manually.
It shows them in the pending. Nothing shown under scheduled.
Hadn't spotted that - what does it mean??
Raw database for pending has data.
Raw database for scheduled no data.
The backup I'm using shows information in the view data.
The pending list is the modifications due to be made to the schedule database at next boot (it can't be altered except at boot time). For some reason they are not being integrated at boot - most likely because you are not rebooting the box properly. See Things Every... (click) section 18.
Thanks Blackhole.
In first instant used restart now in the webif. Then tried power off on the remote (waited for HD click). Then tried power off on remote AND power off with switch and restart.
Still no schedule??
Run the fix-flash-packages diagnostic, or force re-install the rsvsync package. Either should fix this for you.
thanks af123 - will give that a go and feed back. Got an evenings viewing lined up so wouldn't be popular doing this just now!!

Will let you know in due course.