Backup/Restore of scheule stopped working!


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I still see the message 'Backup/Restore Scheduled Recording/Events' and the bottom of schedules. but clicking on it has no effect.
I used this feature okay about 3 days ago, after upgrading the programs list, but it has been absent since probably the day before yesterday.
I do the 'Upgrade all packages' option daily, and have noticed webif upgrades recently (I currently have webif 1.2.1-6) is that the problem?
Didn't look right (CSS fail) nor work for me either until I forced a reload (Shift Reload in Firefox).
Did update all packages this evening - bad idea!
Scheduled Events screen is now complete mess, and as in post 1, backup/restore button has no effect.
Gone are the Green/White shaded rows and events are listed in no particular order.

Clear your browser cache or press control-R to reload the page. Some browsers seem to have trouble with finding updated style sheets or scripts.