Bad Weather, no watchable signal but recording OK


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Last night during bad weather, the signal on all programs was very pixilated and unwatchable. We switched off, but then noticed that the Foxsat-HDR was still recording the 'unwatchable' programme.
Switched back on and found that the programme had recorded perfectly.
Is this most likely a fault in cable or connection, or should I suspect Receiver 1. How should I test?
Have a look at the signal strengths for both tuners. Menu - System - Diagnostics. Are the signal strengths pretty much balanced (should be somewhere in the 80 - 100% region). If they are not, it seems likely that you have a cable fault, possibly water ingress at the LNB end? More unlikely is a fault in the LNB.
Swap the cables at the box and see if the imbalance 'follows the cable'. Check all connectors for corrosion/short circuits..
Thank you Trev.
The two signals are balanced (at least at present with reasonable weather) at 85-90% strength on each and 60% each quality.
Software version is HPRSFC 1.00.21 and Loader version is U 7.54.
We live in NW Spain, Pontevedra area, and use a 1.8m offset dish with an 8-way LNB.
Unless you can advise trying something else, I think I'll wait until my grandson is home on holiday from university so that he can help to check adjustment of LNB and dish. We've had some high winds both quite recently and for a period in last November and it may be that something has shifted a bit. Don't think I'll risk doing it alone this time as I'll be 77 later this year!
Strange that it did not affect the recording whilst it did live TV. I am at a loss now other than to 'tweak' the dish to see if you can get a higher quality reading. (the real experts say that quality is more important than strength {never mind the width, feel the quality})
Has this started happening since freesat switched to the new, more UKcentric, beam pattern? I guess so!
Re: Has this started happening since freesat switched to the new, more UKcentric, beam pattern? I guess so!
I don't know when the change you refer to occurred, all I can say is that despite having a large dish we have suffered loss or pixilated signals when the weather is particularly foul, for over 2 years, gradually getting worse. That may be a weather trend or faulty alignment.
As we live in the NW 'corner' of Spain (quite often called 'Green Spain') the price we pay for lovely vegetation all around is that we catch the trailing edge of Atlantic depressions. Wouldn't swap this very pleasant and mild climate for any other part of Spain though! The fishing's good too!

As I said before, Breixo, grandson No1 will help me readjust things, I think he's home on 13Jun.
The change in beam footprint was noticeable in Spain last October, and there were further changes early this year.
I think one would have to look to local changes such as the LNB or dish moving for the effects seen.
Aligning my dish caused pixelation to virtually disappear. I suppose you are on the cliff edge there, though.