Batch set the Mark New flag?


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Hi - my first ever post here. I would like to be able to set all the recordings in a folder back to being "unviewed". I know this is possible on a one by one basis from the OPT+ menu with the Mark New command, but when there are 50 episodes in a folder, this isn't very practical. The scenario I would like it for, is when my kids want to start re-watching some series from a while ago that they already watched, it would be good to be able to reset everything to "new" again to keep track of whats been watched the second time around. Any way to do this today, e.g. command line? I looked everywhere and searched the forum but could not find a way.
On the command line, use the cd command to change to the relevant directory. You can type part of the name and then use the TAB key to try and complete it for you. Spaces need to be preceded by a backslash:

humax# cd /media/My\ Video/Fireman\ Sam

Then run this command to set everything back to unwatched:

humax# hmt +new *.hmt

(NB: The humax# part is the default prompt and is shown for context. Yours will be different if you have changed the hostname of your Humax via the settings screen. Either way, don't type this bit)
Awesome - exactly what I wanted. I am quite comfortable with the command line, just didn't think to do hmt -? to see what else it could do other than display the hmt file details. The package notes in the wiki just suggested that the hmt command was to display details of the file. Thanks for such a quick response. 150+ peppa pigs now filed in series folders and set back to new again (you would think I didn't have enough to do, but this stuff matters lol)