BBC iPlayer only goes back 1 week


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I have finally managed to connect my HDR-200T to my network and tried using the Humax Portal to catch up on missed BBC programmes. However, the BBC iPlayer app only shows programmes going back 1 week whereas on the web it is supposed to allow catch-up for 30 days ?

Any ideas ?
To quote from the BBC FAQs ( ...
BBC iPlayer FAQ said:
How long are programmes available for on BBC iPlayer?

In general, programmes are available for up to seven days after their original broadcast. However some programmes may only be available for shorter periods.
If a programme is repeated during these seven days on one of the main BBC TV channels or radio stations, we normally extend the programme availability. For some TV series, each episode is available for up to seven days after the last episode has been broadcast, as part of Series Catch-Up. We're also currently trialling this for radio. If we offer downloads, you can download previous episodes to BBC iPlayer Downloads, but only the most recent episode will have a 'More downloads' option.
In addition, some series offer programmes beyond seven days on their websites.
BBC iPlayer Downloads
Most TV programmes are available to download from the BBC iPlayer site and are available for seven days. Once downloaded, you have up to 30 days to play the programme, and once played you have up to seven days to finish watching the programme.
To find programmes that are available for longer than 7 days you will need to use the 'Search' function.
Many thanks, Luke.

I'd got confused by the fact that you have 30 days to watch programmes downloaded onto a PC but only 7 more days if you start to watch them before the 30 days are up.