BBC iPlayer Problem


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Over the last few days I haven't been able to connect to the iPlayer via our Foxsat HDR. Instead a message is displayed upon the TV screen which reads "your device is not connected". I've checked all the connections including those on the ethernet plug adaptors (Edimax HP-200 1AV), and everything seems ok and the green lights are on but still can't get a connection. Regular pc internet access is ok and the TV and Foxsat are otherwise operating fine. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance,

I get a similar message if I have both my units on a the same time, but I am using a splitter on the Cat5 cable so they are sharing the feed from the router. Sounds like you have a conflict on your LAN. Switch everything else off and try again.
Thanks for that. Have tried it but still no joy. Perhaps I should have mentioned that we've had our Freesat Box for about 18 months and never had any problem until a few days ago. We haven't played with any of the equipment or settings so it's a complete mystery. I should also add that we get a similar message on the ITV Player.