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BBC iplayer


I've a 10Mb virgin connection, and iplayer is slow to populate, but was like that with ver.03 (prob. a software problem)

my main problem is, when first watching something in HD, then i go to another programme,and thats in HD, it stutters.

i suspect its my suppler (bandwidth throttling)

it would be good to hear from members, their experience (please put your connection speed and supplier)

Steve Caney

I have just a 4MB connection with ftinternet,
It has stuttered at the start of some programmes but generally watched ok stutter free.
Yes I agree it populates very slowly


Active Member
I've tested exactly your setup and it has not stuttered. My bband is 17Mb. Is it me or is the iplayer working/responding faster now.
I have BT infinity @ 37Mb - HD playback works absolutely fine for me although there is some slowness in navigating the interface in iPlayer. The interactive speed seems to change throughout the day, I suppose depending on traffic at the iplayer host