BBC Red button query


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Just acquired an HDR-FOX T2. When I press the red button from BBC1, the T2 jumps to BBC Red button channel on 805 which has a weak signal and won't display content. However, I also have BBC Red button on 105, where my old PVR-9200T used to find the Red button, where the signal is fine. Can I set something to get the red button to change to 105, or can I retune 805 to access the strong signal?
All channels in the 800's are duplicate from another transmitter I just deleted mine. It seems the Hdr is a lot more sensitive than the 9200 plus the fact all the digital transmitter are now on full power, so you are probably picking up an adjacent area. There are many threads on here of how to do a manual retune but if you are satisfied that your main channels are in the right place ie BBC 1 on channel 1 etc then personally I would just delete all those in 800's . Red button should then work properly