Beginners question : How do I know if I have watched a recording?

No, my memory isn't that bad but with a few in the family all recording their own stuff, the box is filling up fast. I've read the manual, the updated manual online and google'd this question but no luck so far (or my glasses need replacing). Is there an on-screen indicator to show that a program has been watched when viewing the media list? If there is, then the family can be told what to look for when searching for something to delete to free up some space.

Delete it having watched it isn't always an option, others might want to watch it which just makes the delete option even more fun.


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New/unwatched recordings have a yellow triangle with a + in it, in the top left corner of the thumbnail in the media list. This symbol disappears when the programme has been watched.


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Thank you, don't suppose there's a partially watched icon;)
No - but if you press OK on the recording, the on-screen menu will contain Resume Play if it has been partially watched.. If it hasn't been watched then that option will be greyed out.

The custom firmware contains a media browser which shows the space used by folders and recordings - you've given me an idea to add a 'partially watched' icon to that.