Benefit of decrypting on Humax?

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This is my first post and I'd just like to thank those who make the Customised Firmware happen :)

I often copy programmes from my HDR-FOX T2 to a USB hard drive so that we can watch them on a laptop when travelling. I installed the Customised Firmware yesterday, and now have auto-unprotect running. No need for Foxy any more!

I see that there is the option to decrypt files on the Hummy using Opt+ in webif. As the files get decrypted anyway when they are copied to USB, is there anything to be gained by decrypting them first?

Black Hole

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Pre-decrypted files copy faster. Decryption means you can copy them off by FTP or network share if that is more convenient (transfer direct to the notebook), or play them by network share from elsewhere on the home network.

However, possibly the "killer app" for auto-decryption is that if the Humax goes belly up, the drive can be mounted on another Humax and the content is still available. Without decryption, the content on the drive is locked to that particular Humax.