Best method of streaming from pc to humax?

I'm looking for folks thoughts on the best way in which to stream my movies/tv shows from my windows pc, to the humax to watch on my tv. I have high speed broadband with the T2 connected via ethernet. I'm currently experiancing some problems with the box seeing my files stored on the pc. Some files show up, others dont ( all .avi files). I think i'm connected through windows homeshare, i've tried using orb whilst this see's the all the files, it can be very slow! What method are you using?

I use the package (forget the name sorry) which mounts network shares via samba and makes them appear like a USB drive on the HDR. Admittedly this is from a NAS, not the actual PC. But it works brilliantly.

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You can use a variety of DLNA servers to make the PC content accessible to the (unmodified) HDR-FOX, including WMP (I believe) and XBMC, but as you have posted in the custom firmware section I presume you are running the CF and could therefore use network-shares-automount to create a network mount to your PC which appears as a virtual USB drive on the Humax.

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Ok, think I'm getting somewhere. Ive been looking through the guides but seem to be getting an error when i try to mount the folder i want to be able to access from the humax. I have installed cifs, network - shares - automount, I've loaded up telnet and put in the following command
humax# mount -t cifs //DAVID-PC/Users/David/Downloads

I get the following message : humax# mount -t cifs //DAVID-PC/Users/David/Downloads
mount: can't find //DAVID-PC/Users/David/Downloads in /etc/fstab

Now my network path is given as \\DAVID-PC\Users\David\Downloads

I dont have any passwords/ username set

Have i missed something?

I think you should be using IP addresses not DNS names. The point of network-shares-automount is not to have to do anything on the command line, and cifs gets loaded automatically as a dependency.

Go back and set up network-shares-automount the way it is supposed to be - by filling in the parameters in the magic folder created in the Humax media listing. THIS POST (click) should help, from "If you are trying also to access a folder on your PC via the HumaxHD" (in your case, read as "HumaxHDR").

By the way, in order to "see" the virtual USB drive (the mounted PC share) you will need a real USB device plugged in.
Thanks for the help, Ive managed to create a new folder on my pc with the files i want to share, ive renamed it HumaxPCMedia, shared it, it can now been seen on the network tabs. Ive created the same folder in the HUMAX directory network/humax/my media/ my videos/ HumaxPCMedia, where do i input the details about domain, folder, host mac etc? When i click properties on the above folder on my pc im not presented with these options. I've had a look on the webif, but cant see it their either.

Any help much appreciated

Have you clicked through to the first post in the network-shares-automount topic? All is explained there.
[What follows was posted in response to people reporting difficulty knowing what to put in the automount data fields. Newcomers to this topic should check out post #1.]
Then in
This packages uses directory names in the "[Modsettings]/smb" and/or "[Modsettings]/nfs" folders to configure as many shares as you like. For example to set up a new smb share, use the opt+ button to create a new directory within the smb folder. Name it what you want the mount to be called (eg "MyPc") Wait about 10 seconds, and navigate into the new folder. The script should have created a load of template "configuration directories" for you to rename (host IP address, foldername, user, password etc). Note that the "_" symbol is used instead of "." in IP names and "/" in folder names as these can't be input (or if they can I think the box changes them to a "_")
These actions are performed using the remote control on the Humax, not the PC.

Then, from, there is an example to the configuration to access a PC share:
Domain=Workgroup (or whatever your workgroup is named) (To find out what it is actually named – Control Panel – System and Security – System – The name will be to the right of Workgroup. Also take a note your PC name on the same page)
Folder= HumaxPCmedia
host=the network address of your PC
mac=ABABABABABAB (only needed for wakeUp)
password=your PC access password (that’s the password you use to login to your PC)
user=your pc name (found in Control panel – System – Computer name (as above). If the name has –PC after it, ignore that part. So if it was alpha-PC – you only need to use alpha)
Then restart the HD box – check webif-diag-scanmounts.log to see if it has mounted and confirm by Media-blue button-USB on the remote. This should give access to the Sharefolder on the PC.
Thanks bh, I did read through the link in your reply earlier but for some reason it didn't make sense to me, does now, very well explained, I blame it on the hangover !