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Best Output Resolution for 1366 by 768?


Hello All,

I have a Panasonic TX26LXD70 which is an 'HD Ready' TV with resolution 1366x768 @ 50 Hz.

Can anyone tell me the best output resolution of the T2 for the telly? At the moment I have it set at 720p, as this is the closest, but I don't understand why exactly 1366x768 isn't an output option when it's such a common TV size.

Would I be better at 1080i or 1080p or perhaps I already have the best output (720p) for me TV?

Information and advice much appreciated.


It would probably depend on your file format. If it starts as 720p then outputting it at 1080 only for the tv to downgrade it again would introduce more artefacts than outputting it at 720p. OTOH if it is 1080i material then I'd output it at that and let the tv display it as best it can.

Of course the only real way is to get a clip and look at it using all the different options and make your own mind up. If you can't decide which is best then it obviously doesn't matter very much.