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best place to buy

there was a thread for this on the much missed, but almost suitably replaced hre, hummy.org.uk for the cheapest place to buy one, and also tips about quidco, deals etc

thought it may be a good idea to start one here for all the people who havent taken the plunge yet

several sellers on ebay inc one who has put a 2tb hdd in for your pleasure

i got mine from very.co.uk who offered 10% discount on first orders and interest free buy now pay later deal for 12 months, coupled with quidco discount it was a touch over £250 if i remember rightly??

anyone got anything the want to share?

Chris Green

Now that VAT's up even more, the very.co.uk deal is 10% off in return for signing up to a credit account based on their price of around £310, probablycoming to around £279.

Humaxdirect gives an excellent next day service for £299. However, so does Peter Tyson, not only are they £10 cheaper, but they have a similar same one-day delivery service with on-line tracking and hourly delivery time slots through DPD. Bought mine yesterday, got it today. The clincher is that they give a 3rd year's warranty.