Best/quickest way of transfering recordings to a PC?


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As the title suggests. I wish to transfer all my recordings (all decrypted) to my PC and ultimately to my second HDR-Fox T2. Just for backup purposes, but I like to play!

I am currently using FTP to copy the folders (containing all files including the sidecar's), to my PC. I then intend to do the reverse to my second 'spare' HDR.

Is this the best/quickest way?

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

I would say FTP is the best/quickest way, there is a protocol called FXP File Exchange Protocol that effectively FTP's from A to C with the control being done at B, where A and C would be HDRs and B would be a computer / Laptop, I think FXP has been discussed on the forum but I'm not sure anyone got it working
Thanks Ezra. I did a quick search on here before I posted but nothing popped up. The transfers are going well and I confirm that the decrypted recordings from HDR 1 do play successfully play on HDR 2. Well, the test recording is used did!

I will look into FXP.
It would indeed. However, for bulk transfer, it's hard to beat copying to a USB drive and walking it across (AKA sneakernet). Copy goes faster if the content is pre-decrypted (and there are all the ifs and buts of drive formats etc).

Even in this age of "superfast" Internet, a 1TB hard drive sent by post has a greater bandwidth.
Let's put some numbers on it: 8E12 bits / (say) 3 days = 72h = 7.2 x 3.6 x 1E4 s = 8E12 / 3E5 = 30Mbps.

I don't know what the uplink speed is on a 100Mbps line, but you could send two or three drives in the same parcel.
Quickest way for me was to remove both drives and fit them in a Linux PC. Drag and dropped 500gb of files in no time at all.

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TBH, I am finding FTP transfer OK. Using FileZilla I just selected the whole My Video's directory and copied that to my PC, then the reverse to copy to my second HDR. Just a few mouse clicks and the job is under way, no more intervention until the job is done. I am connected via Ethernet so things are 'pretty' fast. It's still taking a while though.
I have found simply dragging and dropping files in Windows Explorer works with the least hassle for me. An average size SD film transfers from my Humax to my laptop in about 4 minutes. The Humax is wired direct to my network hub, the laptop is wireless. Of course you need to enable samba in the custom firmware to do that.
Thanks for that, but to be honest, I have found FTP (Filezilla) to be very painless and fast in the end. Surprisingly simple. I already had Filezilla setup so it was just a couple of button presses really.

I also have a Topfield 5810. It doesn't have an Ethernet port, just serial and USB. I have connected it (USB) via a ASUS router to my network. Now that is really slow transferring recordings!! It is actually better to physically remove the HDD and connect it directly to the PC.

What I am thinking of doing is just that, removing the Toppies HDD, scraping off the recordings to my PC, then converting them and downloading them back to my second HDR. Then ultimately retire the Toppy.

I have no 'real need' to do this, but enjoy the challenge and love to tinker!
Yep, whatever works for you... there are usually two or three ways of doing something with computers. I maintain a website and use Filezilla for that. It's definitely one of the best FTP clients out there. Funny, I've never though to use it within a home network.