Best "unofficial" wifi dongle for HD-FOX T2?


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Last June (2011) I got an Edimax EW-7711UAN from Amazon ( that has served me proud on my (then new) HD-FOX T2 until recently. I can't tie an exact date to when it has become more unreliable but if pressed I would say it has been since the 1.0.28 firmware update...

As it's a unofficial dongle, and only a chipset match I wondered if it could possibly be a driver update issue in the firmware. As I use the HD as a uPnP client quite extensively it's becoming an issue.

Edit (thought I better add issues):
Dropping wireless momentarily, network uPnP connection becomes unavailable, but then recovers 60s later and operates fine for sometimes hours.

So I was wondering if others had issues with this dongle, or even better recommend a similar price dongle that has performed better?

I assume you are aware of the main dongle topic HERE (click)?

If you think .28 is to blame, how about putting .20 back to see if things improve? .20 has the 4GB bug of course, but if it solves the WiFi problem you can side-step the 4GB bug by using network mounts instead of DLNA/UPnP (requires the custom software both ends of course). That's what I do, with the benefit of full transport control and file management from the client end.

Another advantage of setting up a network share instead of relying on streaming is that I can continue to play content at the same time as the HDR is downloading an iPlayer file. Starting the TV Portal kills the DLNA server but not the custom software services (and the custom software gives you save access to the iPlayer / YouTube stream buffer so you can rip it and watch it at your own convenience - even if your Internet isn't fast enough for live streaming).
Thanks for the link and ideas. I was contemplating a firmware reversion but hadn't seen any other reports of issues so thought it might be hardware related.

Think I might try .29 just to see if there is a difference too - I haven't played with custom firmware yet despite being a linux sys admin by trade but I may just have to send the wife and kids off one weekend and "improve" their goggle box with a few bells and whistles.
There is a list of Dongles that are reported to work on the WiKi HERE, however, they are just grouped as working or not working, so non of them are reported as being more or less reliable
I've used an Edimax EW-771UAN from Amazon with my HDR-FOX T2 (v.1.0.28) for the last 6 months with no problems receiving iPlayer and transmitting recordings to my router for onward connection via ethernet to my HD-FOX T2 (again v.1.0.28).

Thanks for the replies guys, of course this could be other areas like an issue with the wireless itself, but these don't appear to be showing on other devices in the same room, but then again this is wireless.

I will do some further investigation now it seems that it's not an issue with the dongle, or resort to Powerline now their prices seem to be plummeting....