Best way to backup a HDR-FOX T2 file to DVD

What is the best way to backup a HDR-FOX T2 file to a playable DVD?

First - does it make a difference if I copy to USB or transfer via FTP?

Which packages support the .ts format to allow it to be burn to a DVD that can be played on a DVD player.

I am talking about SD recordings as I believe HD recordings are encrypted.

I have searched forums and blogs and cannot find a definitive method that works (currently nothing has worked for me! I have been transferring by FTP and then trying to find software that can handle the .ts file format).

I am running Windows 7 on my PC.

Any advice would be appreciated



Ezra Pound

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What is the best way to backup a HDR-FOX T2 file to a playable DVD
Video-Re-Do is probably the best, you can edit e.g. crop out adverts etc. before saving in DVD format. It isn't free unfortunately. If you are only using Standard Def. files you can re-name a TS file to MPG as it is already in MP2 format, a lot more DVD authoring programs will accept the MPG format e.g. Nero Vision (Often supplied with PCs and DVD drives). There are some notes on packages HERE

Black Hole

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The way I do it is to turn the .ts into a decrypted .mpg using the custom software WebIF facilities, transfer the .mpg to my PC by whatever means, then use Windows Movie Maker or Serif MoviePlus to import the .mpg and create a DVD.