Big thanks for the customised firmware


I just wanted to say a big thanks to those clever people who have devised and maintain the "customised firmware". This functionality has added a significant dimension to the enjoyment of my new HDR-FOX T2.

That's it really - just thanks. Your skills and generosity are very much appreciated.

Best Regards
I'll second that. I installed the custom firmware only the other day. Its nice to have an appreciation thread, good job guys!
Big thanks from me to! To be honest, if was the main reason I bought the HDR-Fox T2 and if Humax do not change things for the worse, will continue to buy either another T2 or later model that can be customised in the same way.
Buy another HDR-FOX T2 while they are still available. There are no guarantees that a future product will be amenable to "modification", or that a community will arise around it to develop mods.

Concrete expressions of appreciation can be directed to the operational fund for the forum, and/or the operational fund for the Remote Scheduling web site (which doubles as beer money for af123) - see links below. Forum (ie this one), set up and funded by Michael when another discussion forum folded - see donation panel at bottom right (scroll down).​
Hummypkg Web Site (Remote Scheduling Service), set up and funded by af123 - donate button lower right, but you need to be signed up (no reason not to - you get the ability to check and set your recording schedule at home from anywhere you can get Internet access). It is af123 who has done the vast majority of the analysis and coding for the custom firmware and the software packages, and the methods to make them easily installable.​
I agree with Basjoe, the benefits to the 1,000s of Hummy owners for the modifications (and supporting documentation and guides) is amazing.

I really appreciate that it has been developed in such a way as to be accessible to those with little to no telnet, linux, unix or whatever(!) skills.

It is also clear to me that it has been developed keeping interference with the standard firmware to a minimum - something I applaud.

As a software developer myself (for a configurable off the shelf ERP system) I have seen other 'professional' developers progress with far less regard than af123 does.

Af123's excellent work is backed up Black Hole, brian, Ezra Pound, fenlander, MattC, MartinLiddle, Michael, oijonesey, Sam Widges... and many other excellent and patient contributors.

I think it is time for me to make (as BH elegantly describes it) a concrete expression of appreciation. :)