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Bitz & Bob - problems with dedup/sweeper [Solved]


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My granddaughter likes Bitz & Bob a preschool programme intended to provoke an interest in engineering, each episode actually consists of two programmes broadcast under the same series CRID.
  • Bitz and Bob - An animated story with an engineering challenge for Bitz to solve
  • Bitz and Bob You Can Do It Too - A short selection of experiments for children related to the main story
I would like to rename the files to include the episode title and remove duplicate episodes.

I cant use the normal Dedup processing because both programmes of the pair share the same episode name and therefore end up as being treated as duplicates with only one of the pair being kept.

I tried the Sweeper predefined De-duplicate/tidy rule-set and that works - but only due to an mistake by the BBC which I would not like to rely on them perpetuating indefinitely.
(For Bitz & Bob episodes are numbered 10/22 while for B&B YCDIT they are numbered 10/44 which results in slightly different renamed recordings)
s00e10 - 10_22_ Little Bev Riding Hood.ts (247.48 MiB)
s00e10 - 10_44_ Little Bev Riding Hood.ts (94.47 MiB)
I need to find a way of better and more reliably de-duplicating this folder

I think I need to modify the sweeper rules to modify the new name to not include the episode number twice and add something to disambiguate between the two programmes of the pair

Has anyone already solved this problem or have any other thoughts on how to address it?


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It was actually easier than I thought it would be
I added a couple of extra rule in front of the predefined ruleset and modified the first rule setting the newname
# Set suffix for You Can Do It Too
!flag Deduped filename {You Can Do It} action {set {sfx= - U can do it 2}}
# Set the suffix for everything else
!lastrule "" action {set sfx=.}
# For a new recording with detected episode number, create a new title and store it in the 'newname' variable (copy)
!flag Deduped intmatch {%episode~~> 0} action {set newname=%epname%%sfx}