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BlackBerry PlayBook + .ts files (+ipad)

Discussion in 'HD/HDR-FOX T2 Customised Firmware' started by damianiw, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. damianiw

    damianiw Member

    Firstly apologies if this is off topic and in the wrong forum.

    We purchased a 64gb blackberry playbook from pcworld - a bargain as the ipad is always in use and another is just too expensive.

    Ok I've been playing with both devices for a while and the long and short is neither ipad 2 or playbook can do hd recordings but sd is possible on both WITHOUT jailbreak.

    For ipad, buy aceplayer, it is great and has dlna streaming playback and will do. Ts, the usual issues of fast forwarding remain but you can swipescreen to skip 10 - 20 seconds. Aceplayer can also download the streams to play on the go and theres a free version with ads. I've used on ipad 2 and ipod 4th gen. If your jailbroken XBMC will play them too but no download so for us aceplayer wins.

    Now back to the playbook, this gets more detailed as there is currently no dlna playback on the device.

    Short answer,

    buy the recently released kalem soft media player, it plays sd. Ts files back great you have to transfer files to the playbook via a pc Usb cable or wifi sharing (playbook presents its self on your lan as a pc share) this is needed because every file manager or downloading via webif from the playbook truncated the file at 2gb but there is no such problem if you initiate the transfer from the pc.

    Or download qmplqyer for free which will play through file if you rename the. Ts file to. Avi as. Ts doesn't show to play. If you want to rename the file on the playbook use another free application airbrowser.

    I have tried many things and if your file is under 2gb you can download via the website browser, the native player or others than kalemsoft won't play ts, you can convert on pc for free its just a case of transcoding the audio to have just one stream but I like to avoid the pc.

    If I can get over the 2gb download limit ill be posting how or what I did and how to transfer files.

    I was wondering if there's any samba file browser on the humax where I could get the humax to push the file to the playbook, I appreciate this means they must be decrypted first.
  2. Black Hole

    Black Hole Theloniuos Abbot

    If you can share your playbook drive on the network, then you should be able to set up an automount (custom firmware package) and treat it like a virtual USB drive.
  3. damianiw

    damianiw Member

    Wow thanks for the quick reply, that should work does it support password as the share is password protected.

    Would be excellent if the automounted share appears in webif so I can use the playbook to control the humax :) copying.

    Will have a look into it, this community is fantastic
  4. Black Hole

    Black Hole Theloniuos Abbot

    Networking info - click HERE.
  5. damianiw

    damianiw Member

    Thanks I've just configured it and mount has worked, copying a file as I write this :)

    Will read through the networking thread but this is brilliant, humax custom firmware just amazes me.

    Well file transfer worked great, I tried a decrypted sd recording 2.9gb haven't read all the threads off your link but do they have to be decrypted first?

    Guess I'll try :)
  6. damianiw

    damianiw Member

    They don't have to be decrypted :) and latest kalemsoft media player update plays hd files perfectly as well.

    Kalemsoft have said they will also look into supporting the subtitles embeded in dvb files, I've sent them some samples.

    Great player and great device, would be interested to hear what success people have had with android tablets / phones


  7. I've had a 32gb playbook for about 9 months and wanted to play TS files on it. Thanks for the experimentation. The playbook is now £129 for the 64gb which a few years ago was over £400. If linking to the humax is going to be easy I might get another one.
  8. Ezra Pound

    Ezra Pound Well-Known Member

    MX Player will stream Hi-Def *.TS files from the Humax perfectly on my Archos 101 G9-T Android tablet, while VLC won't play them at all
  9. damianiw

    damianiw Member

    Got my 64gb playbook at the 129 price, must say for tablet the speakers are great!

    Playing files from the humax is pretty easy - when kalemsoft add dlna support it will be easier still :)

    I've had some problems with my humax box not responding so have removed automount for now to see if that's the cause but still anything under 2gb can be downloaded with the web browser, if not I transfer via pc - no big loss.

    Ezra - thanks for the heads up on mx player


  10. damianiw

    damianiw Member

    Just to update you all - kalemsoft media player for playbook now supports upnp and both sd and hd files from my hdr fox t 2 work perfect!

    All that remains is for them to add subtitle support but playback inc hd streams with slider bar for skipping adverts works NOW!

    Apologies for capitals - a bit excited as playbook just trumped my ipad at a 1/3rd of the cost!


  11. naf123

    naf123 New Member


    forgive me - ive just purchased a playbook! I already have a hdr-fox t2. My computer is Windows XP..

    Can you please kindly explain the simplest way of getting files on the humax onto the playbook. Its all a bit too confusing for me.:frantic:

    It seems I should get the file onto a USB drive and convert it on the PC to a suitable format.

    But to do this it seems the USB drive needs to be format to FAT32?

    BTW, I am deaf - is it possible to have the subtitles with the files too? I understand not with HD but with SD?

    Thank you for your patience and help!
  12. damianiw

    damianiw Member

    Ok Kalemsoft Media Player £5 will play sd and unencrypted hd streams without conversion, unfortunately it doesn't do subtitles yet from the ts streams but will from mkv's etc. I've logged it with them so hope it will come in future.

    For your requirement easiest way will be
    If standard firmware - usb stick formatted fat32, copy file over and then onto pc, or if you have custom firmware on pc browse and download.

    Then use avi video redo, or your own preference of tool to convert the file to mkv with subtitles, this is only to get subtitles sorted, someone here may suggest a better app some good free ones for pc.

    Once converted then copy to playbook, either setup wifi sharing on playbook or for ease install bb desktop software then just connect via usb, copy converted file to playbook

    Then for playing you can buy kalemsoft media player or srt subtitles player, I would go kalemsoft as I'm sure they'll add subtitle support in future for dvb streams plus it already does more file formats with subtitles than the other apps for playbook, they have a media streamer you can load on pc which may prevent need for conversion but to be honest I've not used it.

    With custom firmware you can download direct to playbook files under 1.8gb but not over (pb browser bug), you can conect pb to pc and use web browser to download directly onto playbook, it just can't pull a file that big itself without truncating at 1.8gb for some reason.

    Hope that helps


  13. naf123

    naf123 New Member

    Wow this is AWESOME! Thank you for the clearest explanation on the web so far on this!

    Re the avi video redo - There seems to be many versions online - Is it this videoredo2.software.informer. com

    (I am not allowed to post links :-( till I have reached 10 posts!!) So I have put the space between. and com
    Re USB stick - does any USB stick have FAT32 format on it already or should I do this

    "Just insert the USB stick and right click My Computer -> Manage -> Disk Management. Then on the right hand pane you will see your USB stick drive and the volume on it. Just right click on that and format"

    many thanks! Really appreciate!
  14. Ezra Pound

    Ezra Pound Well-Known Member

    For standard Def. TS files from the Humax you need Video Re Do TV Suite, (you may be able to also use VideoReDo Plus, not sure), If you want to do Hi-Def TS files as well you need Video Re Do TV Suite H624. None of these programs are free to download, although there are free demo versions, you can compare the different packages HERE
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  15. Black Hole

    Black Hole Theloniuos Abbot

    Multi-gigabyte UPDs available these days tend to be pre-formatted NTFS. You may find an older, smaller UPD that is formatted FAT32, but the ability to format a drive when required is a useful skill - you might as well have a go (bearing in mind that formatting a drive deleted all existing data).

    For background info see links in my signature panel below, particularly Things Every... section 12.
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  16. damianiw

    damianiw Member

    I cannot remember the name of the free suite I've used before but generally anything converted to mkv or mp4 for ipad, psp or ps3 will work so google and try what you findm
    if you're doing lots re-do suite is simple and has always offered good quality, I purchased as its good for converting to dvd for in-laws


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  17. naf123

    naf123 New Member

    Someone over at Crackberry told me just drag and drop the humax file onto the playbook (via BB desktop software) and view through Kalemsoft media player! And apparently it works!

    I wonder if its that simple! Also will it show subtitles from the humax? I guess I will have to buy the Kalemsoft and see if that works! If it saves me £50 buying the video re-do then that is good....
  18. damianiw

    damianiw Member

    Currently kalemsoft player won't do the subtitles from the humax files at present.

    But playback is that simple


  19. naf123

    naf123 New Member

    Thanks for the reply.

    Seems I have to fork out 50 quids for the videoredo just in order to have subtitles! :-( (.mkv file)......

    The free one .... the freemake video converter - I'll have to see if that will do subtitles...
  20. damianiw

    damianiw Member

    There are free apps defitnitely available, I'm away but will check when back - just google ps3 mkv