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Blank recordings and unable to rewind live buffer

I've been getting alot of blank recordings recently, and also a frequent inability to rewind the live buffer - when I press the rewind button I get a blank screen. What's the best way to diagnose these issues? Do they sound like HDD problems?
I'm running custom firmware v3.13


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You've posted in the wrong section... presumably you have a HDR-Fox T2 rather than a FoxSat HDR?
Follow the maintenance mode fix-disk procedure.
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Ian Manning

Thanks for that. I left fixdisk running a couple of hours ago but wasn't sure whether it had completed as the % complete didn't seem to progress beyond 55%, and the Humax display shows "Too Hot 51 degrees". So I clicked the "Connect" button in the middle of the web page. I'm now back at the Telnet menu, but any keystrokes that I enter are being ignored. Any suggestions for what best to do next? Is there any way that I can check whether the disk check completed??