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Blank screen then empty recordings


Strange thing happened last night.

Was recording Taggart (scheduled recording) on ITV1 HD and watching Silent Witness on BBC One HD (time-shifted by about 5 mins). Screen went blank then the warning triangle appeared with a message like "Channel has no content or is scrambled". Waited a few seconds, no change. changed to another channel which was OK, went back to BBC One HD and this was now OK too (although no longer time-shifted).

When Silent Witness finished, went to watch Taggart, but the Media List said it was only 10 mins long (the problem happened about 10 mins in). Pressed Play, screen went blank for ~5 secs, then went back to the Media List.

Noticed Taggart was being shown on ITV1+1 so did an instant recording of it while I went for a bath. When I came to watch this recording, same thing, blank screen then back to the list.

Tried a couple of instant recording simultaneously, one BBC, then other ITV (so using both tuners and different muxes); same thing.

Put the box into standby then back on again. The two instant recordings and the second Taggart recording still wouldn't play, but the original would now, although it was indeed only 10 mins long.

Then power-cycled the box. Tried a couple more instant recordings which now worked OK.

Strange. Anyone else experienced this?