Blank screen when live pausing


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I just got myself a FOX T2 after having been a 9200 owner for years. I'm very happy with the box but I have a question about live pausing. When I hit the pause button the screen briefly goes blank and then the paused programme reappears with the time bar in place. A similar thing happens if I hit the stop button when watching a time-shifted programme - I briefly get a black blank screen with a "Live Broadcast" dialogue box and then the programme comes back. Everything works OK, but having come from the 9200 which paused immediately without this kind of blanking I suppose I'm paranoid that something isn't quite right. Is this normal behaviour? It just doesn't feel as slick as the 9200's behaviour.
Hi. I have a similar but different problem. On some channels, when the programme goes to adverts, I get a blank screen for about 5 seconds, and the same when the programme comes back on. This also happens going to adverts when winding/rewinding, so one can miss a minute or two of the programme. Didn't use to happen. Must be something about aspect, but I've always had it set to 16:9 and Auto. During the 'blank' period, it briefly displays a box with "1440x576 50i" then goes back to "720x576 50i" whether its switching to adverts or back to the programme. Any ideas please? Thanks.
I don't think the "1440x576 50i" and "720x576 50i" messages are coming from the Humax, I think they are being produced by your TV. What do you have the Humax Remote control >> V-Format option set to?, It may be be worth trying different V-Format settings
Currently it's set to 576i. I'll try others ... But do you have a recommendation? (And thanks for replying so promptly)
You will get a vastly reduced picture quality when using 576i because this is the old 'analogue' standard, if your TV only has 720 pixels e.g. 1380X720 then the 720 setting would match your TV maximum resolution, However it is very likely that your TV has a screen resolution of 1920X1080 in which case either 1080i or 1080p is best for your TV. When choosing between 1080i and 1080p, I would say use which which ever is most stable when switching between adverts and TV programmes, the difference in picture quality is very minimal compared to the 576i setting and also relies on the electronics in your TV. Broadcasters currently transmit in both 1080i and 1080p and even switch from one to the other in the same TV programme
My tv can indeed get 1080i and p, so I'll set it to 'auto fit' so it adjusts to what the HDR sends, and try 1080i and p on the HDR.

Many thanks for your advice!