Bonkers remote control ...


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My 9200 had been as 'good as gold' - especially when I started not leaving it ON all the time.

However, about 3 weeks ago it started playing up in that the remote control seemed to be sending multiple requests for the same action (eg, in the menu , if I clicked 'down' it would just keep scrolling down the list and keep cycling round and round, if I clicked up it would scroll up and keep scolling)

The same would happen on guide (left and right , up and down) ...

I figured the remote might be broken (I did try new batteries and re-initialising the 9200) so I bought a new remote from ebay and JOY went back to working correctly.

The new remote arrived on Tuesday and it's been fine since ..however, this afternoon, the old scrolling problems have returned :-( (now with the new remote)

If I put the remote right up against the 9200 clock panel - the remote works fine in that a single press gives a single command - but it's not ideal laying on the floor when you want to access the menu or guide. The batteries are brand new Duracell Ultras showing full charge.

Does anyone else have this issue? and any idea how to fix it - or is it (as I suspect - a poorly 9200T?)

Any suggestions welcome