Only discovered the Bookmark button yesterday (after reading about file editing on another thread). However, I wonder if this facility can be updated in the firmware to also work on network shares. As far as I can tell it currently only works with files recorded by the Humax and not files stored elsewhere.

I have not tried copying files onto the Fox HD to try but that would be a rather messy workaround.

I think it can work with files stored elsewhere, but only via smb /nfs sharing (not DLNA) and if they were originally recorded with the humax. They are stored in the .hmt sidecar file. For other file formats the humax creates a .hmi file, and stores the resume position, but anoyingly it doesn't seem to hold much else - I did briefly look at putting program infromation back in here (from the mp4) but it doesn't seem to store that. Shame they couldn't have also used the .hmt format for these...