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I had to update to the lastest Custom Firmware last weekend and have just tried to boot into HDR mode to get some recordings onto my PC. I have been doing this without problem using Putty and the entry bootHDRmode . Now when I use Putty I am asked for a passcode and then presented with a menu.boot HDRmode and any other action is not accepted.

Using the Webpage I can see boot HDR mode i still installed but removing it and reistalling does nothing.

What can I do please. ???
You need to exit the Telnet menu using the "cli" (command line interface) option, then you will have the usual command prompt.
It works again
It wasn't "not working" before!

It is possible to enter HDR Mode using the remote control without having to bother with Telnet, but some people have trouble with it. From the Wiki (click):
The package also contains a startup script that checks for the existence of a "flag" directory on startup, to allow booting into HDR mode using only the remote control. A directory called "*ModSettings" is created on the root of the usb drive, containing a "flag directory". To boot in HDR mode using the remote simply copy the directory "Trigger-HDRModeNextBoot" to the root of the drive, then reboot. This is also safer than running the script as the box will not fully reboot if it is recording something.

After a few seconds, the box should reboot in HDR mode. You can confirm this is the case by looking at the system information in the settings menu, or by the fact the the "media" button takes you straight to the videos folder, and the "disk usage" pie chart is green rather than blue. Most functionality is there, other than the led lights on the front of the box, audio volume is lower, and recording does not work.

You can now copy recordings to other drives (real, virtual or networked) and they will be decrypted. Use the auto-unprotect package to remove the "encrypted" flag from HD content.

To return to normal just reboot.

If you don't like the Telnet start menu, you can disable it in the WebIF settings. It does however provide easy access to the disk recovery tools (which are less necessary on a HD-FOX).
If you want to make the command line interface the default, then you can enable 'expert mode telnet server' in the webif settings page.