Box all green


Hi all

I've not posted for a while (a good product needs little support!)

Anyway I have a problem with one of my boxes - the display
goes all green and no picture. Sometimes I can get it back but I suspect something
is seriously dead. I've checked for dry joints but wiggling and bending doesnt help
anyway. I tried resoldering the hdmi socket but no luck I can't see any visual problems
(nothing burnt etc) And the same issue happens with the drive/fan removed.
It doesnt seem heat related.

So - looking around to get another one and I cant find anyone selling them anymore
(and its xmas even now... what a time for the box to die!)

Anyway ... Can anyone suggest a replacement for the HDR-Fox-T2 that
has all the features a modded one of these has? What would be the best bet?
The really annoying thing is this box with the mods does exactly what I want.

I use the decrypt - nicesplice - virtual disc- and external usb drive features a lot
so would be unhappy to loose what this mod does.

Thanks and I guess - happy new year if its too late for xmas

You can still buy A-grade HDR-Fox T2s from Humax Direct. There are always a few on e-Bay, but they are going for more money now they are out of production. If you keep an eye out on e-Bay you can often buy faulty units relatively cheaply which, depending on the fault, may be useful for spare parts: I fixed the faulty LED display on my old HD-Fox this way for £12.
I think that the HDR-2000T will ultimately be a good machine, if you can live without the front display. It seems so similar to the HDR-Fox that I think it will eventually get CF if the firmware becomes available - I'll bet that af123 and xyz321 won't be able to resist: depends if you want to take the risk that official firmware will be released as a download and are prepared to wait for this to happen.
Jack - how do you know which end of the HDMI is the problem - have you tested the TV with another source in the same socket, and the HDR-FOX on a different TV? Have you checked what the SCART/Phono connection gives you?
Thanks for the replies.
I did look at humax direct but the web page says "no stock"
I'm not over keen on ever buying anything on ebay again. I've been burnt too many times but I'll keep an eye on it.
I was hoping there was something I could go out and buy this week that worked at least as well as this one.

BH - yes definately the Humax. I have several PC's here - the display is switched between 3 PC's and the humax box.
I think it may be the crappy HDMI switch box I bought from CPC that killed it. I did swap everything before resorting to
a solder iron as a last straw. (yes I did try direct connection to a monitor)

To be fair I havnt tried the scart output as my displays dont dont have scart input - but I think i may have a scart to
SVHS connector and a svhs to DVI ... I'll have to have a root around - not that it really solves the problem but may be usefull this week.

I have found that by repeatedly pressing the remote v-format button I can sometimes get it to output very briefly at the low
resolutions - not that it helps much to know that I guess.

I did notice that the humax doesnt output 60Hz but 56Hz and the samsung monitors suggest 60Hz is optimal - but that hasn't
caused me any problems before - just thought I'd mention it as a curiosity as I'd never noticed.

I suppose I'll just have to suffer a TV downgrade ... at least for now ;-(