Box Intermittently can't find signal


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I have had good service from my 4 year old Humax FOXSAT HDR box until recently. I switched on the box the box faced with the message, No Signal Found. Did all the usual tricks, power down wait 10 seconds, factory reset, but nothing.
A local aerial/Dish specialist replaced LNB and all appeared fine. But are still having problems. It will work for 24hrs and then jam up or gives you No Signal Found.
Humax are convinced it's the dish, aerial man says he can't fault the dish and having checked all cables there isn't anything else he can do.
I have been reading the posts on possible capacitor problems. Humax say that this isn't a problem on HDR boxes.
How do I solve this problem, without paying £130 to Humax to repair the problem?
Any advice would be gratefully recieved.