Box Restarting & Remote Control


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Two problems with my HDR-Fox T2 have arisen recently:

1 After being woken the PVR will restart after a minute or so - and then appears to work fine except for 2 below

2 The remote control behaves as if the channel & volume buttons are stuck down - except they aren't. The four-way control exhibits the same effect e.g. when trying the 'list' function. I have checked that it isn't transmitting and that the buttons really aren't sticking. So I suspect something awry in the box. Anyway it renders reviewing the media or selecting a channel almost impossible.

Any ideas for either problem?
It may be worth temporarily covering up the InfraRed sensor for the Remote control to eliminate the possibility that it is receiving IR noise from a source within the room, such as an energy saving light bulb etc, the sensor is located HERE, if the unit becomes more stable with the IR sensor covered (while using the buttons on the front of the unit), I would say IR 'Noise' is your problem