Box volume


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So, I received my T2100 from BT and started to set it up,

Whilst I was editing channels and setting recordings I used the remote to turn down the volume.

Once I had finished setting up, I programmed the remote for my to toshiba tv which now altered the volume on the tv.

The problem I have is the box volume is so low, that I have to put the tv volume up to 100% which is still quiet and hisses.

How do I alter the box volume without hard resetting the box and losing my settings and recordings?

Is there an internal volume control somewhere in the menu?

Can I reset the remote so that it goes back to controlling the box volume and not the tv volume?

I searched online and couldn't find an answer, can anyone help?

I feel thoroughly embarrassed now.

I looked in the manual, clearly not well enough!

I thought there must be an easy way to solve this.

Thank you very much
Hey, If they had to make a special note in the user manual, I'm guessing that you are not the only one that was caught out by this :)