Box won't get past startup spinning lines


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Hi, complete novice to all things technical so please be gentle with me!:)

I bought my Foxsat HD box in the earliest days of Freesat and it has been excellent until about 3 days ago. The first symptoms showed as a much longer than usual time for the box to "wake up" from standby with the wizzy green lines taking up to a minute to change to the appl indication. This morning I switched on as normal and the box has stayed on these lines forever (well at least 15 minutes) None of the buttons on the front of the box do anything and switching off at the mains, waiting a minute and switching on again result in the same problem.

Have I got a dead box or is there a way of reviving it? thanks in advance for your expertise and help
Thanks for your advice. I ordered the kit which arrived yesterday, desoldered the offending capacitiors ands replaced them. The box is now working perfectly.

my only comment on the kit from a novices point of view - the new parts are labelled differently and are a different size from the originals. The only clue as to which was which was one had 25v as part of the description and the other had 10v. this matched with a 25v and 10v printed on the originals.

all in all very happy - spending under a fiver to get the box working again :)