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Bring back editing of recordings

I would like to be able to edit recordings so we can cut out the ads for films that we want to keep permanently on the HDD.

Anybody else want to see this feature on the HDR FOX T2 as it was on the 9200T ?
I must admit that I never actually used it on my old 9200 but then I never really kept anything for long on its disk.

In practice, the amount of time that it would take to decide what to edit then make the edits themselves is probably greater than the time/hassle of just skipping over the ads. I suppose it depends on how many times you were going to re-watch a recording.


Staff member
I have never used it on my 9200, so don't miss it on my HDR-FOX T2.

Chris Green

Have to admit that although I'd like to know it's there, I've never used it, even on my Toppy where it's easy to get programmes off it and make DVDs of them. Even then, I've left it to the VideoReDo software stage to edit out the ads.