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Sorry if this seems random, but I wondered if anyone had come across the broadband provider "Home Telecom" and if they were/are a customer and what they thought, as i think their website looks OK, and the emails I have had with them are all encouraging, but I can't find any reviews/opinions on the web, and only came across them on the ISP Review site as a supplier.
Don't worry about "random", that's what the 'Arms is for. Home Telecom? Never heard of them. Try them and tell us what you think.

I have an O2 mobile contract, and was offered home broadband (as a bundle) for £7.50 (but it's gone up to £10 now). No complaints. This may seem obvious, but my policy is to ignore the introductory price and look at the long-term cost.
Thanks BH, I am going to try them, as their prices are so reasonable for the product you get, and I will report back, just wondered if anyone had any experience of them.

I am currently with TalkTalk, and all OK service wise, but not happy with phone support as I prefer to talk to a UK based operative!
On the few occasions I have needed to talk to O2 I have been very happy with the encounter. On the other hand, Orange...
TalkTalk have a very good support Forum with resident support staff. I have used it several times. I agree the telephone support is pretty dire.

I agree Martin, and that is one reason why I am interested in seeing what other users of Home telecom think, as i can't find any info on the web about their experiences, and if I had looked at the TT forum before signing up with TT, I would have run a mile!

As it goes, I have been a lucky one who has not so far (touches head for wood!) been OK with my use, but then again, I only surf and make the occasional call, so not a heavy user!
I have been with Home Telecom for 4-5 month now, and I wouldn't recommend them at all! In fact, I can't wait for my contract to end, and I will definitely then switch to another provider.A couple of issues I have with them:- I keep receiving automated calls, and I am sure Home Telecom must have sold by number as I received those calls before I even had a chance to give my new landline number to my family and friends, let alone companies.- My broadband keeps dropping, I have performed all the tests they asked me to, and now they want to send a BT engineer, BUT if the engineer says the issue doesn't come from the line but from the material (router, cables...) then I will be charged for its visit! Home Telecom is refusing to send me a new router to check if the issue is coming from the current router, which they sent me at the beginning of my contract, but if that is the case then I am the one who will be charged...- One time when I called their technical support I was asked to perform a test (hard reboot of the router) and call back. I did it and called back with no delay but when I called back the technical support was closed. It means one of the operators told me to call back, and then left for the day! What a great customer care... The list keeps on but I think you get my point.I highly recommend using another supplier...
Thanks for the feedback Simon, I hope you get your issues sorted, but I have already taken the plunge after TalkTalk upped my line rental for the second time in 6 months, so I am now a Home Telecom customer, and so far so good, but I never did have any issues with TalkTalk, just that they kept upping their charges!
I too have been a happy TT customer since signing up for Tiscali in 2004. I've had a few issues, but providing you are not an aggressive moaner the forums, particularly the one for ex Tiscali clients, they can be sorted very quickly. I'm on their value line rental plus evening/weekend calls and receive an average of 9Mbps wireless, enough for me and the iplayer all for £16.64 per month. ( I'll have an increase in line rental when the annual contract comes around in Dec.) I believe that this compares favourably with anything else on the market for modest users of B/band and telephone.

I'm probably the only happy Orange broadband customer!! Never had any major issues with them.
No you're not Kev. I am as well. No problems with Orange BB or telephone. :=)

Nice one mate, I always hear people having problems with the so called bigger company's and I can't help feel a little smug! Lol