Broken box - faulty remote sensor?


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Turned the box on this morning and used the 'P' button on the remote to change up a chanel, kept going! continually flicking through the channels. Went into the media menu and used the arrow button to select a prog and same thing wouldnt stop.
luckily I have a spare identical remote, so I tried it with this and the same thing happens, so this rules out the remote control.
If I use the P+ button on the box itself it works fine, so the problem seems to be the box not liking to recieve info from the remote control.
Box is about a year old and still under gaurantee (2 years John Lewis) but i want to avoid having to take it back if possible.

Any ideas? I've obviously tried turning off at the plug and leaving for a while, as well as wiping the infra red sensors.
Willing to do a factory reset if it is likely to fix it??

I suppose it is worth a try, I can't think of much else as you seem to have eliminated most other possibilities.

I take it these are genuine Humax original remotes? Just to complete the elimination I suppose it would be worth viewing the IR output with a digital camera or phone camera (you will be able to see when it is transmitting). Try new batteries too (clutching at straws).

Do you have any lighting or other IR source in the room?
You've cracked it!
I checked for other IR sources and noticed the remote for my media player was half under my wife's ipad...... it must have been pressing a key. Even though it was on a shelf behind a chair it must still have been causing the interference.

Thank you so much!