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Broken TV Portal with manual internet settings

Chris Petzny

New Member
Evening all,

like most people I was eager to try out the new TV Portal functions in the latest firmware. Sadly I was disappointed to see an error ("unable to launch the application https://www.humaxtvportal.com") every time I tried to access it.

All my internet settings check out and I can ping the T2 from other computers, but the error keeps appearing. However, when I set the T2 to use DHCP, it works fine. The only difference in the settings I can see is the IP address ( on DHCP and on manual).

No other computers use the 0.30 address and the same thing happens on other manually entered IP addresses, so it's not an IP conflict.

I've exhausted all my options, so I was wondering if some kind soul would be willing to enter a manual IP configuration on their T2 to test whether it too has access problems.

Unless someone has any other ideas I can try?


Chris Petzny

New Member
Ok, fixed it, some ancient obscure setting in my router was binding a bunch of IP addresses to MAC addresses.