Broken WebIf? All links now of format "http://myaddress/go/mm_*"


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Whilst updating Packages through the web interface, I had a glitch with the download of one (I can't recall which).

Rebooting the HD Fox T2 and going back to the WebIf main page, I now see that the links for the subsections: Browse Media Files, Scheduled Events and so forth, are of the format

myaddress/go/mm_* - e.g. myaddress/go/mm_schedule , myaddress/go/mm_browse and so on.

Clicking on one of these, I just get a piece of jimsh code (e.g.):


source /mod/webif/lib/setup
require system.class settings.class plugin

set module [file tail [string trimright $env(PATH_INFO) /]]
set lastmodule ""

rather than a fully formed webpage.

I've reinstalled the official firmware and then the custom firmware again (1.02.32 then 3.10) but this hasn't fixed the problem - I'm guessing because its likely the packages rather than firmware which are causing the problem.

Any ideas - is there a way to fix this by removing/reinstalling the packages via the telnet/command line?


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The Jim code generates the web page dynamically. Something is stopping it executing.

I take it you have substituted the string "myaddress" for the real IP address on your network? It wouldn't have been a security risk to show it as-is.


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You're right, BlackHole - its only

And apologies, I've just found a solution in the Wiki - Install_Full_Web_Interface
at the bottom:

Command Line Installation
If Installation using the 'Yellow Button' method above fails to complete for any reason it is worth trying it again, Alternately you can initiate a forced re-install of the full Web Interface from a Telnet command line with :-

opkg install webif --force-reinstall

which seems to have worked - at least enough for me to work with the web interface again.

Sorry to trouble.