Browser and iPlayer update?


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Here's one for AF123. Regarding the problem with iPlayer radio and 1.02.xx software versions which is not going to be fixed by the BBC, is it possible it extract the Opera browser/ iPlayer update from 1.03.xx HDR-FOX versions and patch the HD-FOX software with it? I appreciate that this would also require a hard drive to be used with the HD-FOX (which a lot of people have anyway) and need drive mapping to simulate the location of the streamer down file on the HDR-FOX, but we already know that this part will work, due to its successful implementation in Drutt's boot-HDR package.

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Has anybody tried running 1.03.xx under bootHDR? (Maybe somebody has and it's slipped my mind)


It's slipped your mind Black Hole, it was MontysEvilTwin told me you could do it when I was asking a similar question. Whilst it's nice to be able to do this in BootHDR to get at the new iPlayer and indeed the radio output which isn't available as we know under 1.02.xx it's a lot of faffing around since you have to be mindful that any recordings that you have set up aren't going t0 take place whilst you have booted it in BootHDR. So, it has it's uses, but it would be far superior to have 1.02.xx modded to run the new browser if we aren't going to see 1.03.xx ported and made available to the HD only model.


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As Tell said, BootHDR works well with 1.03.06 HDR software. It is an improvement over the default BootHDR version (1.02.20) as in addition to the new iPlayer, the HD-FOX tuner works perfectly: with 1.02.20 the signal strength meter does not work correctly and it does not tune when you go to a channel in a different multiplex. Tell discovered that BootHDR also works with 1.03.11 customised firmware: AF123's HDF tool, which is used to extract the HDR software during the installation process must just extract only the necessary portions from the update file.

Ideally, Humax will release a 1.03.xx version for the HD-FOX, but I am not holding my breath. My patch suggestion may not be easy to do, or be worth the work required. I have no way of knowing. Even with an official update it would be nice to save iPlayer streams without needing to boot into HDR mode first.