BT Vision on Customised Firmware?


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Is it possible to add BT Vision, (as an app), to the Customised Firmware for the HDR-Fox T2?
As I understand it, when a new YouView box is connected to a broadband line that is BT Vision enabled, an app is downloaded and installed on the YouView box. Has anyone managed to get this app and install it on an HDR-Fox T2? (Buying a Youview box would not satisfy my requirement for DLNA client media streaming).
I am not trying to hack/pirate BT Vision, I already subscribe to it - I am trying to get one box to do everything that I need.

Not really. The HDR-FOX doesn't have the processing needed to convert a stream to video in software, and even if it did we have no means to send the result to the video output. The only chance you have is if the BT Vision stream could be diverted to a file and then played as if it were an ordinary video file.
The humaxtv process has access to the hardware, we do not. All the codecs and encryption/decryption are implemented in hardware, so the incoming iPlayer/YouTube streams (MP4 only) are fed directly to the MP4 decoder module and then out on the HDMI (my guess is the HDMI is split to the analogue decoder for the SCART/phono outputs). In the case of the HDR-FOX there is an intermediate buffer file on disk, but not the HD-FOX which only buffers to RAM.