BT youview DTR-T2100 - Replacing HDD after failure doesn't work


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Hi Guys, my parents have a BT youview box that's just out of warranty, I've had a look and the HDD is repeatedly spinning up as they do when they are faulty and it wont boot.

I've tried swapping it for 2 different HDDs, 100GB and 1TB but I can't boot into recovery mode with any HDD attached.

If I disconnect the HDD I can boot into recovery mode, but of course none of the recovery options work.

Do I need to format the new HDDs 1st? ext3? or just remove all partition data?

You help would be really appreciated as my parents don't really have £130 to spend on a new TV box and I know this can be made to work - I just don't know exactly how and the default firmware isn't very verbose about errors lol