Buffering on BBC iplayer

To date I have failed to find an answer to this by searching Threads, so if there is a historical answer will a kind member point me in the right direction.

I am still at the early stages of using a Foxsat HDR box and recently located BBC iPlayer channel. This is almost impossible to watch because it keeps reverting to buffering. I have tried leaving it on ‘hold’ to allow a full download, but this does not cure the problem.

ITV Player does not have the same problem.

Any suggestions to overcome this would be appreciated.
I'm not sure if BBC iplayer is more demanding on your internet than the ITV one. I've not used it for a while i must admit. How do you connect your HDR to the net, direct into router or via homeplugs etc?


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Were you trying to view an HD broadcast? That eats more bandwidth than an SD programme so buffering might occur.

I don't have a FOXSAT, I have an Freeview FOX HDR-T2.

I used to suffer buffering problems but they went away when I changed my router. I was using a D-Link DIR 825, now I use an Apple Extreme Base Station. However, I always connected via direct Ethernet cable.

I gave up on HomePlugs even though I have a Devolo AV-200. Buffering was guaranteed when I used them!. When I decorated the room I took the opportunity to run two Ethernet cables from behind the TV to my router upstairs. Never regretted that.


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Thanks Sorethumbs & Wallace for your replies to my posting.
I have a BT Home Hub router connected by Ethernet Cable direct to the Foxsat HDR box. I have tried viewing both iPlayer Normal & High Quality settings (for same programme), but this does not help.
Several “test” viewings over last couple of evenings have produced both clear & “buffered” programmes, which suggests to me that the Foxsat software has a problem with iPlayer output. I only acquired the Foxsat on 19 Jan.2012 as a replacement for a 9-month old Samsung box which was O.K. (including iPlayer),until it stopped displaying list of recorded programmes, thus I was unable to view them. So I am now considering trying to persuade Currys to “swop” the Foxsat for yet another make. But that will probably only give me another set of problems!!!


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I have checked ISP speed & am getting best available in my area. What puzzles me is why it is only BBC iPlayer that has bad reception; all other channels are viewable, including HD channels.
Sorry, I did not make it clear that I was comparing BBC iPlayer with ITN Player, which is also delivered via satellite.
You mean by internet. You may have opted for the higher quality BBC iplayer and your net connection isn't adequate. I have no problem with either. What options get a green tick on the BBC speed test I posted.
I suffered the same problem with my Foxat HDR.
Recently got myself a WD TV Live as a Christmas present. Not only do I appear to get a 'better quality' picture from BBC iPlayer on it, but get NO buffering problems. I use this box for all my HQ BBC iPlayer viewing now.


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Thanks Vic for that recommendation, I do suspect that the Humax software is not up to the job.
It is a bit galling having to pay another £100 on top of £200+ for faulty Samsung box (replaced by Humax). Although the reception is still ‘dodgy’, I will make do with a HDMI cable connection between Laptop & TV until that Premium Bond comes up!
So far, I've yet to find a box (or box manufacturer) who manages to score 100% in all categories. I have four 'freesat PVR' capable boxes in my lounge system at the moment, and the Hummy is the most used box for watching and recording TV because it is the best all-rounder.

IMHO, its internet iPlayer capability is a 'nice-to-have' add-on for the Hummy, but the WD TV Live does that job (internet services) better.
Indeed, unless the laptop has a faster internal connection to the router than the Foxsat I can't see how any change of platform is going to improve the streaming speed of the connection. The laptop though can use the download option to prebuffer the video.


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Indeed, unless the laptop has a faster internal connection to the router.....
His Fox is ethernetted, so the lappy is unlikely to be faster. But either way, that will not make his green ticks appear at TV 1500 and TV-HD 3500 if his internet is slow
grahamlthompson said:
The laptop though can use the download option to prebuffer the video.
Perhaps this is what the OP is doing when he mentions his lappy